Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hijiki Seaweed & Vegetable

Hijiki Seaweed
Carrot (shredded)
Mashroom (shredded)
Konjac noodle
Green beans (cooked)
Blown suger
Soy sauce

This type of cooking is somehow classic but Hijiki can be used in many different way. It might be good with beans, pasta or rice both warm or cool dishes and Hijiki contains plenty of nutritious minerals.

Put dried hijiki in a bowl. Wash them and let soak them for 30 minutes then drain hijiki over a colander.

Cut carrot and Mashroom into thin strips. Also, cut Konjac noodle in about one inch length. Cook vegetable and konjac in a saucepan and saute hijiki in oil. Season the ingredient with sugar, salt and soy sauce. Add water in the pan about they 1/4 soaked. Simmer the ingredients until the liquid is almost gone. Mix green beans and serve.

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