Monday, January 24, 2011

Hummus Sushi Roll

Shiitake mushroom
Nori (Seaweed paper)
White sesame seeds
Soy mayonnaise

Brown rice
(w/Oats, Milletmm, Forbidden rice [Black rice])
Brown sugar
Salt (a pinch)

I made inside out roll sushi using leftover hummus from my latest cooking post on January 23rd. I used brown rice and other millets instead of white rice. It is pretty much the same way as how you prepare ordinary white sushi rice so please check here for how.

Another very good informative site, explains how to make inside out roll sushi.

I prepare my shiitake mushroom boiled then dressed with Rāyu and soy sauce to taste it hot and spicy (in case Rāyu is not available, maybe tabasco sauce will do ok).

Roll hummus, spicy shiitake, watercress and soy mayonnaise then cut and serve with soy sauce dip.


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