Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kinpira & Fried Tofu

Gobo (shredded)
Carrot (shredded)
White sesame seeds
Soy sauce

Deep fried tofu
Grated daikon radish
Soy sauce

Brown rice
Forbidden rice (Black rice)

Kinpira is one of traditional Japanese dish and also a standard Japanese style vegetarian, vegan dish as well. Burdock and carrot are very popular root vegetable commonly used for Kinpira.

Lightly shave the gobo skin and shred gobo and carrot into very thin strips. Fry (low heat) gobo strips first for about 5 minutes then add carrot strips in the pan and stir-fry them until they get tender. Add salt and soy sauce in the pan and stir-fry well then sprinkle white sesame seeds.

Cut deep fried tofu into dice then bake them in the medium heated oven for app 10 minutes. Serve with grated daikon radish and soy sauce on top.

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