Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soymilk Miso Ginger Soup

Deep fried tofu
Ginger (minced)
Shiitake mushroom
Shitake Stock (The water used for rehydrating dried shiitake mushrooms)
Soy Milk
Shungiku (boild)

Perhaps this could be an alternate version of traditional Miso soup with much more silky texture and creamy taste. You can put in almost any kind of vegetables in your soup so enjoy your won soymilk miso soup!

Boil Shitake Stock (half of the total soup) then put all vegetables and tofu then cook until potato and carrot become tender enough.

Add miso, dissolve it completely then pour soymilk over it. Heat the soup until it is hot but not boiled. Mix boiled Shungiku (or any green leaf) right before you serve.


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