Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suribachi & Surikogi

I love my Suribachi bowl & Surikogi. Slow but nice and easy that's what I call these traditional cooking instruments. I probably would not make a bunch of Genovese sauce or Hummus from scratch using them however, if you only need to make a little amount of green leaf paste, grind sesame seeds or dried fruit paste for a drop of natural sweeten for your dish, Suribachi & Surikogi must be the perfect tools for you. Yet, you can utilize Suribachi as a mixing bowl directly after you've made paste (what a smart tool). If you plan to get one of these, I would recommend to buy larger size bowl because when you grind nuts and seeds, they will easily pop out of the bowl if it's small size. You might be able to find them on Amazon.

upper left : Suribachi bowl & Surikogi, bottom left : grated parsley
upper right : grated parsley + soy mayonnaise + soymilk + salt
bottom right : Avocado & Onion Salad with Green Dressing



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