Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ginger Pumpkin Sauce Pasta with Peas

Shell pasta
Kabocha (sweet pumpkin)
Yellow split peas (boiled)
Cooking water from beans
Olive oil
Black pepper

The combination of kabocha pumpkin and ginger are nigh on perfect to me and I made simple pasta sauce using them. I'm not sure if kabocha pumpkin is available in your place but we have a lot of kabocha pumpkin from Mexico beside locally grown in grocery store. Those orange pumpkin grown in the US and Japanese kabocha pumpkin have really different taste and appearance. kabocha is very sweet and more firm than American pumpkin.

Boil or steam kabocha pumpkin until tender enough to mash. Start cooking your pasta when you have finished preparing pumpkin.

Put chopped onion and grated ginger in olive oil in a saucepan and saute slowly on medium low heat until tender. Mix mashed kabocha, boiled yellow split pea, cooking water from beans, soymilk then season with salt and pepper.

Dress pasta with pumpkin sauce, chopped parsley then serve. If the sauce is too thick, dress along with a little cooking water from pasta.


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