Friday, February 4, 2011

Potato & Green Tea Leaf Fried Rice

White rice (cooked w/wheat grain)
Green tea (Steeped leaf)
Soy sauce

I know it sounds unusual to eat green tea leaf but they actually taste very good. Steeped tea leaf is not very often used for cooking however, Matcha, milled green tea leaf powder is often used for Soba noodle, ice cream and other Japanese meals and drinks. Even Starbucks in Japan offers "Matcha Frappuccino" (Green Tea powder blended with milk, ice and whipped cream), so why not using steeped green tea leaf for cooking?

Stir fry striped potatoes and chopped garlic over low heat until potato get crisp and tender. Mix steeped green tea leaf and rice then season with salt and soy sauce. Cook until heated through, then serve.


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