Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fried Sweet Potato Salad
w/ Sesame Soy Mayonnaise

Sweet Potato

White sesame seed
Soy Mayonnaise

I love sweet potato and like to cook it in the oven. It's very simple but taste really great. Not so many vegetables are taste as good as sweet potato if it's simply cooked in the oven. I think that is the reason I don't really use sweet potato often for cooking however, this sweet potato salad is really worth a try.

Cut sweet potato rather fat string-like shape and fry them in oil until slightly golden, crispy and tender. Thinly slice onion and soak them in water and drain well. Roughly slice the almonds.

Mix minced parsley, ground white sesame seeds, soy mayonnaise, vinegar, soymilk and salt well. Dress all ingredients with the sauce then serve.



  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it! I'm living in Japan and really missing how easy it was to be vegan/vegetarian in the States. All your recipes look fabulous and the photos are beautiful. I look forward to more!

    By the way, what soy mayonnaise do you use? Also, is there a vegan margarine available here?

  2. Hi Aiko san,

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog entry. I would love to resume my blog again in the near future.

    The mayonnaise I used for the salad is available here.
    I found them at Tokyu supermarket near my place and they were consistently on sale for about 380 yen.

    As for vegan margarine, I'd recommend this one. It's amazingly good!