Friday, January 28, 2011

Shira-ae (Pureed Tofu with Vegetables)

Firm Tofu
Komatsuna (or any green vegetable)
Shimeji (or any kind of mushroom)
Dried Dates (grated)
White sesame paste
Soy sauce

Shira-ae (it means white mixture) is a traditional Japanese dish that is a pureed or mashed tofu vegetable salad. Normally uses a grinding bowl called "Suribachi" to puree tofu then mix vegetables together in it. Food processors would give pretty much the same result but pulse gently when pureeing a tofu. A Ziploc bag with your hands might be work ok to mash a tofu as alternative way.

Traditionally sweet cooking rice wine called "Mirin" is used to sweeten and gives a depth in flavor but I tried to replace Mirin to pureed dried dates (or could be ok any dry fruit or maple syrup) instead this time.

Add well drained tofu, grated ginger, grated dates, white sesame paste, miso and soy sauce in food processor then pulse gently mix until they become paste-like sauce.

Put sliced carrot, konjac in lightly salted boiled water. When carrots are tender, add shimeji mushroom, komatsuna and boil for one more minute then drain hot water well and cool (keep the drained water from vegetables as soup stock for another dish).

When the vegetables are cool enough to touch, mix them with tofu sauce and serve.


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